Installation Process of Sublime Text 3

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Installation Process

Here we going to see the installation process of Sublime Text 3. It is the best editor for code and markup. There is also many editors like brucket, atom, notepad++ etc. but prefer sublime text as it is easy to use and there is lot of short cuts to write HTML code.

First we have to download it from following link , first choose the version and operating system. Here I am showing the process for Windows 64 bit operating system.

Following page opens up choose as I am shown, click on Windows 64 bit.

Sublime 01

New window appears, click save file button.

Sublime 02

Go to downloaded folder and double click the .exe file.

Sublime 03

New window appears, click on the run button.

Sublime 04

In the set up window click next button.

Sublime 05

After that choose installation directory, just keep as it is and click next button.

Sublime 06

New window appears, just click on next button.

Sublime 07

New window shows the installation progress, wait some time.

Sublime 08

Installation process of Sublime Text 3 completes click the close button.

Sublime 09


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