Abstract Algebra

Rings, Integral domains and Fields
group subgroup abelian group cyclic group
Algebraic Structure ( Groupoid, Semigroup, Monoid, Group)
Abstract Algebra Preliminaries and Basic Concepts

Differential Calculus

Leibnitz’s Theorem new
Successive Derivative Featured
Second Order Derivative Solution
Derivative Part2
Derivative (2)

Differential Equation

orthogonal trajectories
Bernoulli Equation
Linear Differential Equation
Non Exact Differential Equation Integrating Factor
Exact Differential Equation
Homogeneous Differential Equation Project
Separation of Variables
First Order First Degree Differential Equation
Differential Equation 01

Linear Algebra

linear dependence and linear independence of vectors
Subspace of vector space
Vector Space

Number Systems

03. absolute value
02. Irrational Number
01. Rational Number

Numerical Methods & Algorithms

Euler’s method
Simpson’s 1_3 rule
trapezoidal rule
LU Decomposition Method
Gauss Seidel method
Gauss-Jacobi’s iteration method featured
Newton-Raphson Method
Iteration Method
Bisection Method


Normal distribution
Poisson Distribution
Binomial Distribution
Moment Generating Function
Covariance Properties
Expected Value Formula
Cumulative Distubution Function
Distribution Function
Random Variable and Distribution
Bayes’ Theorem
Conditional Probability


Interquartile Range
Karl Pearson’s Coefficient Method
Scatter Diagram Method
Mean Deviation
Quartile Deviation
Standard Deviation
Mean median mode
Mode math
Median Calculation
Harmonic Mean Formula with Example
Geometric Mean Formula with Example
Arithmetic Mean Formula with Example
Measure of Central Tendency

Theory of Equations

Symmetric Function of Roots
03. Relation between Roots and Coefficients of an Equation
Descartes’ Rule of Signs With Examples
01. Nature of the roots of an equation