Installation Process Of NetBeans

Java / Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

NetBeans Installation Process is EAsy EAsy EAsy

To start the NetBeans Installation Process first we have to download it, NetBeans is the far more better IDE for java application development, so I prefer it and suggest you to download it and follow the following steps to install it to your system. So, lets start

Navigate to the link it will show the following page


See there is lots options to choose from, for now you just download Java SE 95 MB file it will help you to develop and run java application as I have shown you in orange colour box.

Next new dialog box appears and ask you to save the file, so, click on the Save File button, and your download will get started.


After completion of download go to the downloaded folder and chose the netbens exe file and double click on it to start installation process.


This will open NetBeans IDE Installer window. 


After configuring the installer following window will appear, you just click the next button. 


New window appears, select the license Agreement checkbox and click next. 


Another window appears asking you for decide installation folder, you just keep the default and just click the next button.


Uff another window appears, just click the install button.


At last installation begins … 


It will take some time depending upon your system, don’t worry be happy (hey why not have a song, hit it, here is my suggestion I like it check this out).

Wowwww our installation process of NetBeans IDE completed, just click the finish button.


So, we are ready for the journey called java application development learning, see you there…


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